Lercara Counselling

About Project

Client: Noemi Lercara Counselling

Subject: Brand Identity and Website

In setting up a brand new counselling practice, Noemi required an informative and beautiful site that made potential customers feel relaxed, comfortable and safe to explore their feelings.

Our Task Was

To create a visually simple and authoritative brand identity and website that positions Noemi Lercara as an established counsellor. The project needed to be complete within 3 weeks due to the practice already in operation.

What We’ve Done

We met Noemi Lercara at her Wimbledon practice to better understand her working environment. It is important that Noemi’s branding and website experience is aligned and relevant with the face to face experience. This exercise helps create a far stronger and congruent customer journey.

Brand Identity

  • The choice of 2 serif font types conveys gravitas and experience, with differing size and emphasis to create a focal point.
  • Image sourcing to represent to right mood and tone of the counselling service. A conscious decision being made about the person looking away to showcase a human and personal touch.
  • Specific choice of green colours on the website to convey calmness and renewed energy.


  • Strategy planning to discuss pages, including recommending sections such as FAQs and a blog to help provide more customer information.
  • Imagery sourcing to create a calming environment and helps potential customers feel at ease.
  • Responsive website to meet user expectations, enabling the website to display appropriately across multiple screens.


  1. A strong and relevant brand proposition, which is understood from a customer survey.
  2. A successful counselling service, with the website providing the most appropriate and relevant introduction to Noemi Lercara’s counselling services during the start of a user’s research journey

Client Says

“I love my website and branding, it really sets the right tone when people see my practice online. Working in the heart of affluent Wimbledon, Unleash Digital really delivered in providing the right platform for people to feel at ease and get in touch with me.”


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