High Vibrations

About Project

Client: High Vibrations

Subject: Brand Identity and Website

As healthy eating increasingly becomes more accessible and accepted, nutritionist entrepreneur, Jitka, wanted a visually strong and informative website that provides healthy and exciting vegan recipes to inspire and delight people.

Our Task Was

To create a positive, simple and clear brand identity with movement and energy, so that the proposition is closely aligned with the feeling after consuming inspiring vegan food.

Jitka also required a website that displays the recipes in a visually rich and engaging way.

What We’ve Done

We went to Jitka’s kitchen where she prepared some excellent food to try. From having a new found appreciation for vegan food and it’s benefits, we created a brand identity and website to fit the bill.

Brand Identity

  • The type font exploration exercise to identify the right tone and movement of the brand. We recommended a handwritten font to emphasise the handcraft and personal touch of Jitka’s homemade recipes.
  • Using an image of Jitka helps to build her profile and emphasise her touch to High Vibrations.


  • Strategy planning to discuss pages, including how the recipes will be displayed in a visually strong manner without compromising the key recipe information.
  • Creating a visually strong website to inspire and delight website users, enticing them to return for more recipes.
  • Responsive website to meet user expectations, enabling the website to display appropriately across multiple screens.


  • A rich and vibrant website with energy and movement to relevantly position Jitka’s recipes and profile.
  • The website is inspiring thousands of people to explore and be open to vegan recipes.

Client Says

“Unleash Digital has been instrumental in building my website. When we started working together I was a complete newbie and was resisting technology. I was also very impatient and just wanted to get things done and just focus on things I am very passionate about, the content. Unleash Digital was wonderful, and really gauged the pace that suited me and listen to my needs. I get that feeling that listening is a real art these days and in the service environment sellers are trying to force their opinions on us. Unleash Digital is luckily not like that, listening to my vision with genuine interest and gave me space and support I needed. I love my site!”


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